Introducing the Ultimate Media Background

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Display full screen media backgrounds with ease.

Use hosted videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Wistia, or HTML5 videos. They all play and look amazing with UMBG. Want to use an image instead, no problem, UMBG lets you use one or more images to display beautiful backgrounds. What about just a color background, may be with a pattern? Yeap, that too!

Simple to Use.

First link UMBG's CSS file to your html page. Then add the jQuery script and UMBG's jQuery plugin script along with connecting the UMBG functionality to your specific html tag.

Add New UMBG Background
Add New UMBG Background

Full of Options.

All of the necessary settings to display full screen backgrounds to your needs, including:

Append To, Poster, Overlay, Quality, Start At, End At, Loop, Audio, Page-Up-Down (PUD), and many more.

Say Hello to PUD.

Page-Up-Down (PUD) allows the page to be scroll up and down to allow full view of the video. You can also select if PUD will scroll the page down when the media playback starts and/or if it will scroll up when the media playback ends. You can also keep part of the page in view, such as the logo and navigation, during the PUD down status.

Add New UMBG Background
Internationalization Supported

Available for WordPress.

UMBG is also available for the number one CMS system. It packs all the features plus the admin pages for easier management of all your UMBG's.

Check it out!